KelTec CP33


For KelTec CP33. Only use with round-tipped ammunition for best results! MAX Order of 2 per person!




Customer Review from Darral E Green:

WOW !!!!!!! This CP33 loader is Awesome!!!! Used it at a rimfire challenge match yesterday, how could anyone that owns a CP33 live without one? Great job!! If your Glock loader works even half as well, I’ll be ordering one for my Glock 9mm Wilson combat. It will work on my Wilson Combat pistol and my Wilson PCC. Will sure save my thumbs at my steel challenge and USPSA matches.

Y’all done GREAT!!!!! Just can’t get over how well it worked… I could even use it with gloves on… (it was 26 degrees when the match started) I’ll be showing this bad boy loader off everywhere I go!

Thank you so so much.

Super impressed!!!

Darral E Green


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